About VisaList


Every year hundreds of thousands of employers and job seekers navigate the US immigration system. Employers need to hire the best candidates regardless of where they were born, and job seekers need to take positions at companies that will support their personal goals. And while US work visa data is publicly available, it is nearly impossible to sort through the volume of available data. 

VisaList is a comprehensive information portal for US employers and job seekers. VisaList publishes the latest details of all Labor Condition Applications (LCA), H-1B data, and green card data, all in one place. 

For employers

See how your company stacks up against other employers to understand your reputation as an immigrant-friendly employer. Discover which employers are benefitting the most from access to global talent by offering work visas and green cards, and uncover compensation insights. 

For job seekers

Discover H1B-friendly employers and green card sponsors based on search terms and categories most important to you in your next job. Salaries, job titles, locations and employer names are at your fingertips.